Historical information on gunmakers; primarily those associated with long range target rifles

Ireland John Rigby
Scotland Alexander Henry

John Rigby, Dublin, Ireland

Rigby muzzle loading and later breech loading long range match rifles were famously used by Ireland in international shooting competitions against America.

Alexander Henry, Edinburgh, Scotland

Alexander Henry (1818-1894) was an Edinburgh gunmaker of muzzle and breech loading rifles including the Henry Fraser two position rifle. Henry's rifling was famously used on the Martini-Henry rifle, adopted by the British Army.
  • Muzzle Loading Rifles
  • Henry-Fraser Two Position RifleA.Henry & D.Fraser: Improvement in Fire-Arm. United States Patent Office. Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 201,524, dated 19 March 1878. (nb. the British Patent was applied for on 21 April 1877 and granted on 6 July 1877, under Patent No. 1559). Muzzle and breech loading versions of this rifle are known.