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A Firing Point At Wimbledon, 1870
Established in 1998, Research Press publishes contemporary articles and newly written features with a primary focus on long range target shooting with muzzle loading and breech loading black powder rifles. These pages comprise several complimentary blogs, generally covering the 19th century:

Full Research Press Contents List
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Rifles & Marksmanship
Long Range Target Shooting. Marksmanship. Rifles, Ammunition & Accessories

Historical information on gunmakers; primarily those associated with long range target rifles.

The Queen's Prize
The National Rifle Association: history and progress

The Creedmoor Era
Creedmoor and the International Rifle Matches

19th Century Riflemen
Pioneers of the sport of target rifle shooting

British Military Longarms
Muskets, Rifles and Carbines. Small Arms Trials. Ammunition. Military Marksmanship.

Rifle Volunteers
Volunteer Infantry, 1859-1908

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